i want spring to stay and i want animal shoes. i like the bunny shoes–my friend ET has a pair in gray and their names are Hester and Billsworth. they’re cute. i would never wear the giraffe ones. they’re just weird. and i think the hippo’s cute. but i think it should be in a grayish-purple color instead of that icky green. happy spring break! say hi to the easter bunny! i expect textpics of molly and updates about all of your lives! peace out homes!


Recently in room 302 there has been a lot of nostalgia for the early 2000s. Following a night in which we looked up every Now! CD and reminisced about our favorites, we discovered a mutual love: Nick and Jessica, the Newlyweds (that have been divorced for 5 years now).

For those of you who don’t know, Jessica Simpson was a budding starlet when she appeared as the opening act for 98 Degrees, the third most popular boy band of the time, that featured Nick Lachey. The two developed a romance, and after four years of sex-less dating (that’s right folks, Jessica was a virgin until she tied the knot!), the two wed. Eager to document their marriage, MTV quickly signed them up for one of the best reality TV shows ever created: Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.

Newlyweds ignited a flame that spread like wildfire throughout the country. It showcased their unmatched vocal talents, as well as their lavish lifestyle. One of the most memorable moments on the show is when Jess is confused by Chicken of the Sea tuna, thinking that it is chicken. Kelly and I give major kudos to Nick for putting up with Jess’s classic ditzy-ness. They were a dynamic duo that found their way into America’s heart.

To end this post, I’m going to leave you with a few gems:

This is Nick’s single about his marriage to Jess and also the theme song to the show.

Steaming hot! Jess sings about her sexual adventures with Nick after they got married. His role in the video: make out with her under a waterfall.

I am not ashamed to say that I love this song. Nick’s breakup ballad touches our souls. The video also features Vanessa Minnillo, his on-and-off-again girlfriend since the divorce. It should be noted that Kelly has a fierce hatred for Nick and Vanessa, and that she just made this statement in reference to the photo montage from “This I Swear”: “I havn’t seen either of them as happy as they were since they were together.” Too true…

i am aware that many people do not share my love for the rock, but let’s get real here. he has an awesome bod, a dazzling smile, and he is committed to bringing laughter into children’s lives (has anyone seen The Gameplan? so great so great). i’m going to be bold here and say that if you don’t understand dwayne “the rock” johnson’s undeniable charm, then you just can’t handle the tooth.

he has a sense of humor, too!

tell me what you think. the best comment will get a special prize on Monday!

Sorry for such a long hiatus guys! Mammal Monday is back and better than ever. This weeks topic: guinea pigs! Aren’t they cute? Well, people in peru keep them in little cages in their kitchens and eat them! Here’s an adorable video that Kelly discovered, it’s a gem!

Listen to those cute noises they make! Ahhh-dorable. Don’t worry, mammal Monday will be back next monday!

hello all!

i apologize on behalf of all members of room3oh4 (maur and I) for neglecting this precious blog–we know how much it means to all of you! this weekend is my fake birthday weekend and i decided to make a little scatting saturday for all of you to join in on the celebration!

Dear Kelly,

Where are you? Oh, that’s right, you’re stuck in the snow-pocalypse! As for the rest of you, I’m excited to see you today! We’ll have a lot to catch up on, I’m sure! Kelly, hurry home!!!

P.S. I can’t wait to show you the sweater I got for $7 dollars. I have hit a new bargain shopping mark of which I am very proud.

See you soon!


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  • Kelly: A poem; Dwayne also known as The Rock, His life seems a bit like a mock, First in WWE, Now he desires to be, and actor without the chops.
  • Abby: My sister and dad almost ate guinea pigs in Peru but they said it was too weird!