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i want a panda dog! isn’t it adorable and puffy and adorable?!

don't you just want to pet that puffy fur?


Ever since I’ve gotten to college I’ve had a major obsession with dandies–what can beat a well-dressed man? I don’t care what you say, Kelly. 😉 I could look at these men in their three piece suits all day. Please enjoy my favorite blog (other than our own…) and keep an eye out for some sharp dandies in your life!

Fine and Dandy:

#mce_temp_url# –be sure to check out the quiz “how dandy are you?” but just for fun!


this girl is so sweet and adorable–def a person that lovespires me. she has a bazillion vids. in this one she demonstrates how to put make-up on like another one of my idols, kat von d. are you brave enough to wear the stars? even if you don’t wear make-up, just watch how adorable and sqeezeable this girl is!

As we clamor for Thanksgiving break, it seems as if the world is spinning with all the last minute “things” we need to do that we honestly could care less about. Remember to take a moment to breathe and center yourself. We’re almost there!

The Self as Tree

“Like a tree I stand, reaching for the light, gaining strenth from the darkness at my roots. My body is twisted by the storms of life, yet in my uniqueness I am beautiful.”

–Modern Affirmation

This video is possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks Maddy!

please enjoy this scatting sunday edition of “super freak” by rick martin.

Check out this sweet vid:


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  • Kelly: *An
  • Kelly: A poem; Dwayne also known as The Rock, His life seems a bit like a mock, First in WWE, Now he desires to be, and actor without the chops.
  • Abby: My sister and dad almost ate guinea pigs in Peru but they said it was too weird!