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I have been at home in beautiful Colorado for 10 days and I’ll return to Minnesota again in a short 5 days. It’s no secret that I have big love for my state. I want to share what I love about Colorado and what I didn’t realize I would miss until I left:

First and foremost,

THE SUN! Colorado prides itself on 300 days of sunshine per year.

People who wear cowboy hats. I didn’t think I’d miss this one, but turns out I sure did!

Salsa. Speaking of which…

GOOD Mexican food!!! I heard a quotation the other day where someone said “I’m from Colorado, which means I’m basically half Mexican.” As bad as it may seem, it’s true enough. Everyone from Minnesota/the rest of the country should come visit to taste what they’re missing!

That view. Yes, folks, that’s exactly what I see every day. I can’t get enough of it!

Well, that is enough touting for one post. I gotz 2 rep tha 303 cuz I gotz mad respect, yo!!


Greetings from Ft. Lauderdale! I couldn’t think of a mammal, so the narwhal was suggested to me. They’re pretty weird, not one of my favorites.Get this, they’re carnivores. I’d rather my mammals have fur. Anyway, they can be cool and they swim so that’s also cool. So without further ado, the narwhal!

narwhals for obama

one take people. one take. it’s a little choppy.

Hey all, here’s a special mammal monday commin at you from the Chi.

Here’s the best dog in the world: newfoundland!

Not only are they adorable, but they save lives. They’re lifeguard dogs! Lewis and Clark even had one. The dog saved them from a bear!

sorry you can’t really hear my voice but i had to just roll with it because i did this in one take!!!

i know that technically it’s not sunday and it should not be in scatting sunday, but there was some necessary scatting in this vid because i didn’t know what was going on. thanks for understanding!


Maur: Earl.

“After surviving a five-story plunge to a concrete patio in the summer of 2000, Earl decided to throw caution to the wind and explore his inner style diva. He soon developed a penchant for the peculiar–maybe it was the kitty morphine? Earl has resided in Baltimore, Brooklyn, Marrakesh, Taipei, Dubai, and now Dallas. Next stop: Southfork.”

Kel: Mona.

“Mona (‘monkey’ in Spanish) is a double-jointed girl who once spent three days in a tree and had to be rescued by a higher power. She loves flamenco music and wishes she could spend her days in Havana eating her favorite dish of roasted chicken with baked carrots and drinking Cuba Libres.”

Kai: Romeo.

“Romeo will often reach out to people, put his paws up to their bodies, and hug them–he’s a cuddly lover like his namesake. He is very frisy, loves to play, and makes a game out of almost everything. Still a spastic kitten, sometimes Romeo freaks out and runs all over the house channeling that famous mongoose, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.”

Abs: Skittles.

“Skittles is a calico kitten that was rescued from a pound. She lives in a house full of animals including dogs, cats, lizards, and bunnies, so she’s a little confused and thinks she must be a dog. She acts accordingly, eats dog food, and can frequently be found singing her favorite song, ‘Who let the Dogs Out?’ (Hint: it was someone quite calico.)”

So much fun! So much fun! Here’s a little tuna treat for all my little kitties! Enjoy the vid! Who knew these glamourpusses were so famous??


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  • Kelly: *An
  • Kelly: A poem; Dwayne also known as The Rock, His life seems a bit like a mock, First in WWE, Now he desires to be, and actor without the chops.
  • Abby: My sister and dad almost ate guinea pigs in Peru but they said it was too weird!