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this is in response to a scathing comment from an eleven and a half year old girl. and for your information, neongirls21, the reason why i didn’t have any comments before you is because i’m not an attention driven fake diva. i’m a real diva.

while i have been so bored over interim, it had made me think: what do i actually want to do? here are some things i want to do in my life–not all of them, but some that i can think of right now. these are definite goals of mine. in no particular order:

1. be a published writer

2. travel to Egypt, India, Israel, and Morocco

3. live in Paris

4. learn to cook something other than cake from a box

5. learn to play guitar

6. learn to sew

7. go to a new place and convince all the people there i’m from britain.

8. go to a real haunted house. anyone want to come with me?

9. knit something other than a scarf

10. buy myself a little kitten.

that’s all i can think of right now–i will add more later if i feel like it, but lately our postings have been pretty weak. although, i do know that it’s a scatting sunday and i owe a certain someone a special post…

#mce_temp_url# The Eight Principles.

Sorry about the lack of mammal mondays lately! However, I just found something to make up for it. Here is the best website ever! It has pictures of animal friends! Animal friends are the best!

since i have been sick, mena will come up and lay on me all the time and today she nestled down in the crook of my arm while on her back–it was the sweetest thing! i love cats so much. i really miss have little animals around at school. here is a dandy of a new breed…i am quite fond of him!


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  • Kelly: *An
  • Kelly: A poem; Dwayne also known as The Rock, His life seems a bit like a mock, First in WWE, Now he desires to be, and actor without the chops.
  • Abby: My sister and dad almost ate guinea pigs in Peru but they said it was too weird!