things i’d like to do in my life

Posted on: January 24, 2010

while i have been so bored over interim, it had made me think: what do i actually want to do? here are some things i want to do in my life–not all of them, but some that i can think of right now. these are definite goals of mine. in no particular order:

1. be a published writer

2. travel to Egypt, India, Israel, and Morocco

3. live in Paris

4. learn to cook something other than cake from a box

5. learn to play guitar

6. learn to sew

7. go to a new place and convince all the people there i’m from britain.

8. go to a real haunted house. anyone want to come with me?

9. knit something other than a scarf

10. buy myself a little kitten.

that’s all i can think of right now–i will add more later if i feel like it, but lately our postings have been pretty weak. although, i do know that it’s a scatting sunday and i owe a certain someone a special post…


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